the CPR deck

a Clear Practical Resource to navigate any experience with ease and grace,​

an A-Z guide to introduce and cultivate emotional intelligence

"The Energy of the messages and illustrations are simple, yet contemplative in the CPR card deck.

I use these cards both personally and professionally to recognize emotions and find clear ways to best respond. The designs and beautiful pouches feel like opening a gift, each time in the day that I turn to these yogic principles in the alphabet. I decided for my birthday to purchase CPR decks and gift to six of my SOUL friends. Truly the gift that keeps giving."

Elyse Simon, MA, MSC Intuitive Wellness practitioner

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A unique deck that uses the basis of the alphabet to introduce and cultivate emotional intelligence, each symbol for the letter is hand drawn and the final image digitized  and expanded on with tried and tested keys.

In the words of Lichen Ecologist  Maysa M "“... they’re adorable, clever... a wholesome way to ground into the body to ease tension/stress/anxiety or even if you’re feeling good... a sweet reminder for simple graciousness to the self ... great for all ages, from kiddos to elders. ”


Created to be an ally and guide for all beings of all ages, these 26 square shaped red-black-gold cards are a tool to cultivate and/or deepen the most important relationship of your life,  the one with yourself, and through your journey a deepening of your relationships with others.

In the continued spirit of ecocentric educative art

every deck is in a one a kind handcrafted cloth pouch

designed by craftsman Xorliyn A from recycled fabric scraps

"The CPR deck is so perfectly unique and essential for the current transitioning phase that I Am on.

I really like how practical the cards are - with no less magic. Every time I draw a card, or 3, it guides me to ground and integrate. I adore the ABC and square design... a powerful tool when I am needing to calm and pause, such as drawing the hydrate card during a time of high anxiety. Water was the simple answer and enough to bring me back to presence" - Stephanie R

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